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Win the War for Talent with a Better Benefits Package

The economy is improving and that makes finding and keeping key talent a high priority. How are you gaining a competitive edge in the war for great talent?

One of the best ways to do this is to provide a benefits package for employees based on their engagement levels. This boosts retention of key talent, efficiency and productivity, reduces days off through absenteeism and sick days, and boosts the overall performance of a company as a result.

Most small business owners find themselves having to cut costs in order to survive in a turbulent economy. This leaves staff feeling less motivated and damages morale, but a business is able to reverse those negative effects through a competitive benefit package. Providing workers with benefits they need keeps them motivated and helps to draw in new talent.

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Offer Plenty of Choice

Benefits are an important part of the recruitment process and help to improve job satisfaction. Failing to meet the health and financial demands of employees runs the risk of losing them to another organization that has better coverage. You have to provide a robust and comprehensive benefits package.

Offering the greatest benefits package in the world won’t amount to much if employees fail to understand it, as they won’t be able to get everything they can from it. They might not even appreciate them, which increases the risk of employee turnover. With online marketplaces and an integration between payers, payroll, and benefits administration it’s possible to deliver information in a dynamic and attractive way rather than burying the facts in the middle of a spreadsheet. Presenting total compensation to employees in a way they can understand for themselves boosts your value for them.

Engage With Employees

There’s no reason for employees to be anxious about enrolment or feel like staying on top of their benefits is a hassle. Give employees an experience like using an online retailer by combining consumer-friendly technology, consumer-centric shopping, connecting across a range of devices, and mobile access. With an intuitive, convenient platform you encourage employees to interact with the benefits program, which leaves them better covered and better satisfied.

Did you know that around 78% of workers will consider the benefits package when deciding to accept or reject job offers?

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How well does your benefits package compare? RAI Resources are an experienced HR consulting firm that brings your business the real word experience it needs across manufacturing, engineering, construction, and professional services. We offer practical solutions and provide comprehensive support to help you create a benefits package, recruit and outplace talent, and more.

RAI Resources services in the greater Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas in PA as well as central NJ.Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help take your business to the next level.

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