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If you’re a business in early stages of development, or if your employee policies are outdated, it can seem daunting to create a new employee handbook. The investment is well worth it, though. From managing employee expectations and conduct to protecting the business from liabilities, employee handbooks set the stage for acceptable behaviors. More importantly, it provides guidelines that protect both the employees and the business.

Communicates Company Culture

During the onboarding process, a new hire is often provided with an employee handbook. This handbook is an opportunity to reinforce the company mission, vision and values. Don’t underestimate the power of communicating your employer brand – this is more than a marketing tactic! Studies show that organizations who invest in their employer brand (which includes rolling it out to their internal audiences) often experience a 40% reduction in turnover in the first six months and a 20% increase in overall company revenue as a result of more engage employees.

Ensures Compliance

Whether you are in a heavily regulated industry or you are a small business, we are all bound by state and federal regulations that require a certain degree of compliance. By documenting and communicating company policies, you are protecting both your most valuable asset (your employees) and your company. Your handbook should outline rights and obligations regarding FMLA leave, disability leaves and other government mandated leaves.

Are you familiar with the most recent OSHA changes?

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Showcases Benefits

Your employee handbook is a great place to outline your benefits package and eligibility requirements. Do you have a 401K program? What about HSA options? A comprehensive benefits package is an effective way to attract and retain top talent. Not to mention that when your employees are taken care of, they are more likely to perform at their best.

If it’s time to update your benefits package, start with a consultation with the experienced team at RAI Resources.

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