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Top 4 Trends in HR for 2019

If you thought 2018 brought some unique challenges in the field of Human Resources, you better sit down for 2019! Only a few months in and 2019 has seen a deepening of complex issues that garnered significant attention last year.  The experienced team at RAI Resources has compiled a list of the top 4 trends emerging for 2019 – read on to learn more!

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A new day, a new kind of workforce.

The current low unemployment rates in the United States coupled with changes in candidate expectations has required organizations to be more open to attracting and managing nontraditional employees to include: contingent, event/project based, and remote workers. This brings a unique set of challenges, many of them foreign to HR professionals and Business owners. From recruiting to onboarding to recognition programs to career development, we will need to get much more creative in our approach to managing the life cycle of an evolving new age workforce.

In addition to the challenges in recruiting, onboarding, and managing this new age workforce, organizations expose themselves to the risk of a disconnected employee culture. Business Leaders are likely to ask themselves how they can create a cohesive culture and meaningful interactions with a diverse and often fluctuating team base.

If you need expert support navigating the 2019 workforce, the professionals at RAI Resources can help. Call us today for your complimentary consultation.

Companies are becoming more employee-centric.

Research from Gallup has continuously demonstrated that companies with more engaged employees often see a 20% increase in overall revenue. Highly engaged employees are also 15% less likely to leave their role, therefore reducing expensive turnover costs.

Besides recruiting best-fit talent, it also takes a leadership base that is truly vested in their entire team to see outstanding results. This means ditching the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to career development and creating individual career paths that are established jointly by all parties, fully utilizing the strengths of each team member. By doing this, you’re creating a culture of inclusion and innovation – two prominent themes that help with your recruiting and retention efforts.

#metoo is here to stay

If your organization doesn’t have an updated workplace harassment policy in place, now is the time. With the heightened awareness of the prevalence of harassment at work, missteps in employee conduct could be costly to your company, not just in litigation costs, but your overall reputation.

RAI Resources has experience in creating anti-harassment policies and training employees on acceptable conduct. Reduce your risk and have peace of mind with support from the RAI Resources team.


Where does it all Begin?

One of the most important pieces to a long and successful tenure is the Onboarding process, the very beginning of the formal relationship. This initial introduction of your organization and its policies and procedures need not be complex or long in duration. But it needs to be both comprehensive and welcoming. If a concern of yours is a lack of structured organizational employment policies, let RAI help create that “Employee Handbook” that you always felt was missing in your tool bag of effective personnel management.

What Now?

Allow us to help! RAI Resources brings to organizations the perfect option of supporting their existing HR department or, if no HR Department exists, representing a very cost-effective means to provide customized HR Support either onsite or virtual. We are seasoned Human Resources professionals with real-world experience in many industries including Manufacturing, Distribution, Engineering, Construction, and Professional Services. We offer practical solutions and provide comprehensive support to help you manage the full life cycle of your Talent.

RAI Resources has operated successfully for 20 years on a national level. More importantly, our HR Consulting and Employment Services Group has extraordinary capabilities in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware Region. With three offices and staff residing in Bucks County and the Lehigh Valley, we have a very personal and relevant perspective on your unique Human Resources Management challenges. Get in touch today to learn more about how RAI can support, strengthen and build your Team and Organization.