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Predictions For the Future of HR

Low unemployment rates and high adoption of human capital-focussed technology has resulted in a very unique shift in organizations. Whether you are a business owner or a human resources professional, now is the time to evaluate where your organization sits with your people strategy – are you a market leader or a market player? Stay ahead of the curve by proactively planning with these top 3 predictions for the future of HR, curated by the experienced team at RAI Resources.

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1. Online communities will be vital to your employer branding.

The War for Talent  is fierce and to get the right people in the right positions, your recruiting strategy can no longer be passive.

Let your employees share why they love working there, giving potential new hires a taste of what it’s like to work at your organization through social media. Some companies that have done a great job creating ‘fan clubs’ of their employer branding efforts include the NPR Intern Blog, L’oreal’s game changing YouTube channel, and Lithium’s Instagram.

In addition to social recruiting, having a Talent Community for your company is a must. If you use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), find out if there is a talent community or open requisition option. If not, speak to your marketing team or a recruitment marketing specialist to see what resources are available for you to proactively collect prospective candidate information.

2. Marketing tactics will be used to create an optimal candidate experience.

Recruiting Brief has found that 80–90% of talent say a positive or negative candidate experience can change their minds about a role or company. As a result, HR leaders are collaborating with their Marketing, Communications, and IT teams to create an outstanding and authentic experience that carries through the entire employee lifecycle.

Develop personas of your target candidates. Reflect on the characteristics of your ‘star employees’ and build your recruitment marketing strategy to attract similar candidates. Ensure that your job posting speaks to your ideal candidates, that it incorporates the mission and values of your organization and that this messaging carries through past onboarding. By using personas to drive your recruitment communications, you’ll have a higher likelihood of hiring a better fit employee, thus reducing turnover.

Make it easy for candidates to apply. Just like marketers make it easy for you to buy a product, your application process should incorporate the same level of ease. Have you audited your application process recently? How long does it take to apply? Are job postings visible on your career site? The longer an application takes, the higher your drop off rates. Remember that candidates have many options, and top talent typically won’t invest a lot of time to submit a resume.

Use reviews to provide transparency. Employee reviews through sites like Glassdoor and Trustpilot give prospective candidates a peek of what it’s really like to work there. Better yet – it provides a means for current and former employees to give feedback to HR for improvement on everything from the hiring process through to workplace culture.

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3. The workforce will become increasingly blended and diverse.

The workforce of the future won’t be all full time employees working in the same physical location. We have already witnessed organizations being creative about meeting their staffing needs by relying on contractors, freelancers, part time employees, remote team members and other contingent workers, collectively known as Gig Economy Workers. Multiple studies predict the percentage of the workforce who are Gig Economy Workers range from 15.8% to 34%.

Forward-looking HR leaders should take action now to plan for a blended workforce and address issues such as; how do you onboard and integrate gig workers or what types of training and benefits can gig workers have access to?

Mercer predicts that 90% of employers anticipate more competition for talent, especially in North America. Does your business have staffing needs? Or perhaps you are looking to revamp your human capital strategy? RAI Resources are an experienced HR consulting firm that brings your business the real word experience it needs across manufacturing, engineering, construction, and professional services. We offer practical solutions and provide comprehensive support to help you recruit and outplace talent, create an onboarding strategy and more.


Learn more about the advantages of investing in HR consulting for your small business by reading our previous blog posts by our team of HR professionals.

Hiring the right talent, managing your current workforce and building efficient human capital processes has increasingly become more of a challenge for organizations. An HR Consultant can improve compliance, reduce overall cost and defray risk. This alone is worth calling in an expert! If you need assistance with your HR functions, the dedicated team at RAI Resources is ready to help.

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