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Three Highly Effective Outplacement Service Options

In these unprecedented times, RAI offers three highly effective outplacement service options to meet the needs of all types of businesses throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, and beyond, across a wide variety of industries that are faced with downsizing. Our virtual services offer your business all the benefits of outplacement while observing safe social-distancing requirements and meeting the logistical needs of a remote workforce.

RAI outplacement services provide career transition support for those employees impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, as well as other changes. Remote and hybrid services are offered in both group and one-on-one settings. We offer a practical approach to securing new employment, and we use the latest tools and methods to help transition affected employees into new roles.

RAI’s virtual outplacement services are ideal for organizations that:

  • Normally have remote teams
  • Have recently made their workforce remote due to COVID-19
  • Are in industries where essential workers have limited on-site time allowed
  • Need outplacement services to start quickly

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Outplacement Service Options

Thanks to our interactive Zoom-based remote learning platform, we can provide the same customized, exceptional outplacement support as we do with our traditional format, without having to physically enter your facilities or gather in a training space off-site.

This option includes:

  • 100% virtual training, workshops and support
  • Fully customizable programs available to meet your specific needs
  • Our team specializes in downsizing support, not just workshops
  • Our team of employment and career specialists offer over three decades of experience
  • We can accommodate one-one-one sessions, or groups of 10 to 15
  • Group sessions have a dedicated facilitator to keep things running smoothly and reduce confusion
  • Use of our own Live Remote Training and Workshop Service, a secure and familiar Zoom-based platform

There are situations where some on-site assistance is necessary for effective outplacement. We can accommodate employers that require a hybrid of traditional and remote outplacement. One of our HR consultants facilitates group meetings on site, with our team of employment and career coaching specialists hosting the event virtually

Hybrid outplacement support includes all of the elements in Option One, with the addition of:

  • The same team of experts are assigned to your company
  • We meet or exceed all social-distancing regulations and requirements for any on-site activity
  • A more personalized face-to-face experience for attendees
  • Follow-up programing is fluid and can be all-remote should it become necessary

RAI also still offers outplacement services in a traditional format. Clients who cannot or do not want to use remote services will still be able to customize a program of our offerings, in group settings or on an individual basis. RAI will remain compliant with all state and local COVID-19 restrictions and regulations during the outbreak.

Kudos From RAI Outplacement Clients

“When dealing with layoffs and staff reduction it is the personal side and impacts to families that is the most difficult. You want to work with an organization that becomes an advocate for your former employees as they engage in search for new work. I have worked with RAI Resources on a couple of occasions to provide outplacement services. Their professionalism, compassion and focus on the individual was a significant help to each person as they entered into a very different job market. RAI helped them with resume writing, how to navigate job searching, helping to identify skills sets that fit with the new market and they took time to encourage those that needed to be encouraged. I would highly recommend them for anyone who is looking to provide outplacement services for former employees.”

Byron Roth, President, AMEC Foster Wheeler North America Corporation