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Streamline Your Onboarding Process With This Checklist

The quality of a company’s onboarding process has a direct impact on employee performance. Yet, according to a Gallup poll from 2017 on the state of the American workforce, as many as 88% of companies have a poor onboarding process.

At RAI, we believe the onboarding process should clearly define the roles and responsibilities expected of the employee while also setting expectations and boundaries. That’s why our HR consulting experts developed a checklist to help companies streamline the process between a candidate accepting a job offer and becoming a fully-integrated member of the team or company.

Strong Onboarding,
Strong Results


A strong onboarding process can increase employee retention by 82%. Source


Manager satisfaction is improved by 20% when new employees go through formal onboarding training. Source


A strong onboarding process can increase productivity by over 70%. Source


Effective onboarding boosts overall customer satisfaction by 53%. Source

Your Checklist
for Onboarding Success

  • Employee background check
  • Employee drug test
  • New hire paperwork
    Instruct employees to provide all required documents including but not limited to social security card, driver’s license or other federal photo identification, emergency contact information, and bank account information to set up direct deposit.
    • Fill out tax forms W-4
    • Other paperwork, may include:
      • Benefit Election forms
      • Code of Ethics
      • General Release
      • Confidentiality Agreements
      • Safety documents
  • Review employee handbook
  • Discuss benefits
  • Present company policies, including
  • Discuss company culture
  • Review the job description, schedule, and required tasks/duties
  • Set up the employee’s workspace
    • Grant them access to required technologies and accounts
    • Provide technology and login information
    • Set up voicemail
    • Train on phone system
  • Team introductions
  • Tour facility
  • Establish training needs, including:
    • Workflow training
    • Time tracking
    • Software training
    • Technology training
    • Sensitivity training
    • Diversity and Inclusion Training
  • Set Up Employee Milestones

Looking for more onboarding support? Contact the human resources experts at RAI Resources. We’re always happy to help.