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Where does your company stand with sexual harassment training?

If you haven’t audited the sexual harassment training your company offers, now is the time. In the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, businesses across the United States have experienced an increase in workplace harassment lawsuits. Sexual harassment lawsuits can cost your business millions of dollars in legal fees, not to mention the damage on the reputation and the morale of your organization.

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Anti-harassment training programs

The answer to litigation is education.

Generic anti-harassment training programs aren’t effective enough to protect your business and workforce. You need a customized training program that integrates the unique culture and brand of your organization.

Get your company up-to-speed and ready.

The experienced team at RAI Resources team will work with your budget and your core needs to develop a proven and effective anti-harassment training solution.

Our programs can be offered in-person or telecasted, depending on what makes the most sense for your organization. RAI Resources specializes in a variety Human Resources training services including:

  • Sexual Harassment/ Anti-Bullying Workplace Programs
  • Management Training
  • HR Outsourcing
  • HR Policy Development
  • Outplacement
  • And more!

Choose a proven solution.

RAI Resources is truly dedicated to creating safe, productive and healthy work environments.

Our dedicated team brings decades of hands-on Human Resources experience in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Professional Services. Our solutions are heavily rooted in a practical approach to professional development, compliance, and Human Resources policy development. Contact us to discuss how we can help.