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Workplace culture has become an extremely important asset in recruiting and retaining talent in recent years. Company culture is the personality of your organization: your attitude, your characteristics, your beliefs. Culture comes out in the way your management and staff interact with each other, how employees conduct themselves, and how leadership treats employees. Your culture is based on your company’s list of core values and who you are based on what you believe. Think of your business mantra: if it were a person, what would they be like?

Hiring around the culture fit has become a more common hiring practice in recent years. People understand that someone who is a good fit for the wider corporate culture will integrate into their new team better and so they hire someone who fits that vision. As experienced staffing experts, the team at RAI Resources often fields questions about whether finding someone who fits the culture matters, and whether it can affect other hiring processes, such as hiring for diversity.

Most hr professionals believe that the person they are hiring has to be just like them to be a good culture fit, and that can lead to problems down the road. While most people are more comfortable with people that remind them of themselves, this isn’t the same thing as a culture fit. This could cause you to have a hiring bias without intending to.

You need to find a candidate that matches the core values of the company. Given that these are some of the driving forces powering the business, someone that doesn’t match the mission parameters won’t last very long. For example, if your culture relies on heavily collaborative office space, someone looking for individual recognition won’t be a good culture fit. 

However, a broad range of people from every walk of life could potentially fit these core values, which means that there is plenty of room for diversity with hiring for culture. But just what makes the culture fit so important? Here are our top three reasons to hire based on organizational culture fit to keep in mind during the interviewing process.

1: It Creates Cohesion

Teams that function on the same set of core values tend to work together better than a team that disagrees on priorities and has their own thoughts on what matters most. A culture fit ensures everyone is on the same page and working at the same standards to meet the same goals, making day-to-day tasks much easier.

It gives every member of the team some common ground as they interact with one another. Given that everyone holds similar values, they are better able to find a way to solve a problem as it arises, whether it’s something personal or professional in nature. Employees that fit the culture in the workplace tend to work towards the same goals, driving productivity and creating a unified workforce.

2. Built-In Accountability

When teams are working together towards the same vision, they are more likely to hold one another accountable when it comes to completing the tasks to achieve that mission. It’s in all employees’ interests that their company flourishes. It effectively creates a system where everyone works together to meet the standards that the group sets for themselves, rather than just the goals set by management. This can create smoother business functions and relationships when everybody takes shared responsibility for business ventures.

3. It Promotes Creativity

When people work together well, they are more likely to open up with one another and show their creative sides. When employees feel comfortable with one another, it helps them feel safe in sharing their ideas and assuming new perspectives that lead to innovation. They are also better at just moving on if the idea isn’t used, rather than trying to fight for an idea no one else wants to do.

The more ideas that are shared, the easier it is to snowball and feed off of each other’s creative energy to produce great work that benefits everyone, including your company. This leads to stronger brainstorming sessions that can drive home your bottom line. 

A good culture fit allows for employees to feel supported in an organization that allows them to explore new things. Combining culture fit and diversity gives you the very best of both worlds, which is reflected in the quality of the team’s output as well as the innovation that exists throughout the organization.

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