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Trends for 2022 board at a desk

In 2021, we regained some normalcy in the workplace that was missing in 2020. Whether companies returned to their offices or transitioned to a completely remote workforce culture, it was a big year for human resources professionals. 

A major event happened in 2021: The Great Resignation. This resignation boom was triggered by low wages, inflexible schedules, and toxic work conditions. It is now more important than ever to understand your employees’ wants and needs both in the workplace and in their personal lives. The new year will bring opportunities to explore employee retention strategies and engage employees, while still balancing remote work.

Benefits Become Crucial Recruitment and Retention Tools

One of the biggest focuses in 2022 will be choosing employee benefits. This is increasingly important, especially as businesses are competing for talent. Now more than ever, companies have to stay competitive in their benefits packages. Qualified candidates are taking the time to weigh their options and look objectively at prospective work environments. 

Businesses are learning to listen more to their employees’ feelings and are working toward better job satisfaction, and much of that comes down to what benefits are being offered. 

Heading into 2022, it is important to keep in mind that healthcare rates continue to soar. It is estimated that medical benefits will be increasing by almost 5 percent in the new year. Businesses should consider taking action to lower employee expenses to take some of the burdens off of their staff. Mental healthcare benefits are also becoming increasingly popular, especially after the mental toll the pandemic took on employees. 

Employee leave is another hot-button benefit that is getting more attention. With support for the American Families Plan (AFP) proposed by the Biden administration and the amount of PTO being offered increasing, supporting employees in their personal lives can help with professional development. 

Expanding benefits to include additional paid leave for employees, financial planning, and an emergency savings account could aid in employee retention and reduce employee turnover.  

Increased COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

Since the beginning of the novel coronavirus pandemic, we’ve talked about how human resources departments should approach new issues, including changes in labor relations and how to support your employees as they return to work post-lockdown. 

A hot topic in the workplace right now is COVID vaccinations and how to handle your workforce during this time. In 2022, we will be seeing more and more requirements for vaccinations among employees being pushed by companies, and potentially, the federal government. 

Some companies will need to have their workers present proof of vaccination or undergo weekly COVID tests to ensure a negative result. As we move into the new year, HR professionals need to be prepared with a protocol for vaccinations, testing, how to handle positive cases in the workplace, and flexible work schedules should the need to work remotely arise.

Salary Budgets Under the Microscope

In 2021, many businesses expressed concern with their retention rates and are looking to remedy that with HR solutions. According to an article by SHRM, the median total of salary increase budgets throughout the United States is projected to be 3 percent across all industries. This, coupled with rising inflation, means that raises given to employees in the coming year will need to increase.

Work with our HR Consulting Experts

The new year presents an opportunity for new growth, new ideas, and a positive business projection. We can help you work through your goals through our HR consulting services. 

The human resources consulting experts at RAI Resources can help you stay on top of industry trends and implement HR solutions to help your business grow and run more efficiently. Our team of professionals can help your HR department on a case-by-case basis or on a long-term strategy. 
We provide practical HR solutions to businesses through our Bethlehem office, conveniently located close to the business epicenter of the Greater Lehigh Valley area. Contact our experts today to discuss how we can help you retain, recruit and train your workforce.