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A construction worker showing a HR manager new compliance needs for materials

A Handbook to Meet Your Workforce Needs

Maintaining a current and comprehensive employee handbook tells your new hires and current team members that your company is organized, transparent and invested in their best interest. A well-written handbook clearly communicates your company’s expectations, basic policies and culture. Whether you have a small business that needs to create a handbook from scratch, a growing business that needs to address new compliance requirements or a large business with complex set of written documentation to maintain, our team can help.

Give your team a clear pathway to success at your company with an informative and useful employee handbook, drafted by the experts at RAI Resources. Contact us today to find out more about what a customized employee handbook can do for your business.

A Well Written Employee Handbook
is a Valuable Tool.

With so much riding on the success of your employees, providing them with a clear, useful guide to your organization is important. The RAI HR Consulting Services Team understands all of this. Employee handbooks can do so much more than many employers realize. Are you utilizing yours to its fullest potential?

At RAI, we can help you:

  • Create a new, customized employee handbook.
  • Comprehensively overhaul outdated handbooks.
  • Regularly update and maintain existing handbooks.
  • Clearly show your new hires and current employees that you are invested in them.
  • Communicate your company’s expectations, basic policies and culture.
  • Keep your handbook compliant with changes in federal and local regulations.
  • And incorporate many more benefits into your employee handbook!