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Compensation Consulting Services

With unemployment rates at their lowest in years, the job market currently puts candidates in the driver’s seat. Not only can great compensation packages and employee benefits be used to recruit top talent, they are also an employee-retention tool—one that can have a significant effect on performance as well.

Many organizations know that they need to update their compensation offerings, but they are unsure how to do this practically and effectively. The experienced HR consulting team at RAI Resources provides expert compensation consulting designed to satisfy employers, job candidates and existing employees.

There’s So Much More to Compensation Packages than Salary.

Today more than ever, job seekers and top talent are interested in more than just salary. They want to see what benefits and perks you have to offer, and they are comparison shopping. To help you stay competitive, we cover all the bases, including:

  • Benchmarking your business compensation package against industry standards
  • Development of a strategic compensation programs
  • Development and execution of merit increase programs
  • Development of short-term incentive programs
  • Review and alignment of compensation structures (pay grades, market alignment, etc.)

If compensation and benefits have not been helping your recruiting and retention efforts, we’d love to talk to you about how RAI can help. Contact us today to learn more.