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hiring and recruiting during the COVID-19

Just going by the headlines, it can feel as if business as usual, has come to a grinding halt everywhere as the world braces to weather the COVID-19 pandemic. It was just announced that 10 million Americans  have filed for unemployment benefits in the past two weeks. Domestic airline traffic is down 40 percent, and almost all states have declared some form of shelter-in-place order or recommendation.

But that’s not the full picture. While things right now are anything but normal, many organizations are hiring and recruiting during the Covid-19 outbreak robustly to meet the challenges and demands facing us all right now.

Beyond the medical workers, delivery drivers and grocery-store clerks who keep our healthcare systems running and vital supplies coming, much of the nation’s factory workforce also continues to work during this crisis. Still considered critical infrastructure, these manufacturing facilities are allowed to stay open even in the face of restrictive shelter-in-place orders. According to Bloomberg Industrial and M&A columnist Brooke Sutherland, the “underlying plumbing is largely still operational” for in many American industries right now.  

Hiring Needs Continue, on Many Fronts

By now, you have probably seen the headlines about how grocery stores, online shopping outlets and big box stores are doing a lot of  hiring to meet the demands of millions of Americans living and working under various levels of shelter-in-place and social-distancing orders. Big names like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot and Instacart are hiring and recruiting during the COVID-19 outbreak, as are regional giants like supermarket companies Wegmans and Kroger. But there is more to the picture than that.

“For every team of  frontline workers, there are managers needed to make sure that operations are running optimally. There are also engineering and IT demands that need to be met, on above and beyond the normal maintenance of the digital technology that keeps our modern workforces up and running,” says Mike Strum, RAI’s vice president of recruiting services. “You can’t just drastically increase the number of frontline workers, you have make sure you have enough of the right people to support those employees as they support the community. And right now, you have to do it as quickly as you do it effectively.”

Strategic Hiring and Recruiting During the COVID-19 Outbreak

To Strum’s point, keeping essential services moving and profitable means that managers, leadership and strategists are needed to make the most of what businesses have available. Navigating the coronavirus roadblocks in the moment leaves little room for error, or indecision.

“Many of our clients are taking this moment as an opportunity to craft a more agile, focused team. We are helping them build the workforces they have always wanted and needed, only maybe they haven’t been able to focus so strongly on the issue as they are now,” says Strum.

Adapting Your Hiring and Recruiting Methods During a Pandemic: This Is How You Do It

So, if you shouldn’t wait to hire, how do you change up the traditional model to get the talent you need when shelter-in-place and work-from-home are the new norm? You have to adapt your recruiting and hiring processes. Agility in this area is a must if you want to stay competitive in this crucial time.

Here are RAI, we have remained very active in filling roles for our clients. We had already made many effective changes earlier this year, enhancing our online and remote service offerings in ways that don’t sacrifice the personalized approaches and emotional intelligence needed in recruiting, contract staffing, HR consulting, and outplacement. And we’ve seen our clients have great success as a result. These services include:

  • Integrated technologies to cut through a crowded job marketplace
  • Remote panel interviewing
  • Remote onboarding programs
  • Over 20 years of experience and deeply-rooted industry contacts
  • A highly experienced employment specialist dedicated to each client
  • Full-service contract staffing through our exclusive industry-based partnerships
  • Remote workshops and training services to engage and develop team members through the entire employee life cycle

We have also implemented our new Live Remote Training and Workshops, and have adapted this technology to be used for panel interviewing and other hiring needs. Live Remote is based in a robust, secure Zoom Meeting platform, which makes it both familiar to clients and easy to integrate into most work-from-home models.

“The hiring climate is different, but it is far from frozen. We have a lot of jobs to fill and are getting new ones in all the time,” says Strum. “Because of the coronavirus outbreak, we are helping both employers who need talent immediately and employers who are looking to help employees who have been displaced.”

A Word About Outplacement During the COVID-19 Outbreak

While some might think that companies should be able to take a pass on offering solid assistance services to displaced workers during this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, there are many reasons to offering outplacement services. For starters, offering assistance to laid-off employees during a crisis is simply the right thing to do. And in this age of social media and brand awareness, it will serve your business well to be seen as helping people who lost their jobs through no fault of their own. Other factors to consider are the impact a good outplacement will have on future hiring and rehiring, unemployment tax burdens, legal liability issues and the morale and employee satisfaction of  the people who stay on at your company.

RAI can customize a successful outplacement programs to meet your needs. Our many options include:

hiring and recruiting during the COVID-19 outbreak live remote training and workshops
  • NEW: Live Remote interactive workshops
  • Live Remote one-on-one personal-transition coach sessions
  • Professional resume writing services
  • Career coaching
  • Job to fill within our extensive network ready applications from your displaced workers
  • Guidance and assistance crafted to your needs (Find out if outplacement is worth it for your organization.)

We Have the Help You Need

RAI Resources specializes in creating effective, custom recruiting, outplacement and  human resources solutions for small and midsized businesses. We offer an effective, practical approach to employment. Contact us today to discuss your needs.