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Why Outplacement Image
Why Outplacement

Outplacement services are essentially career coaching services provided through a third-party company and paid for by a former employer to help employees impacted by layoffs to transition into new employment. Offering outplacement services as part of your employee benefits package…

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Should You Hire For Culture Fit Image
Should You Hire For Culture Fit

Hiring for “culture fit” has had some hot debate lately, with Human Resource experts advocating on both sides of the fence. When establishing your team you want to hire people that are just like you, right? Not necessarily – let’s…

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How Important is “Culture Fit”? Image
How Important is “Culture Fit”?

Hiring around the culture fit has become a more common hiring practice in recent years. People understand that someone who is a good fit for the wider corporate culture will integrate into their new team better and so they hire…

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3 Hidden Dangers of Poor Layoffs Image
3 Hidden Dangers of Poor Layoffs

While job openings are at a 14 year high, layoffs have been increasing by 13% year over year for the past four years. Layoffs typically result from restructuring, redundancies, mergers or acquisitions and when done incorrectly, can wreak havoc for…

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